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VLP and Juvenile Court Host Appreciation Luncheon for Volunteer Attorneys

Sep 10, 2018

“We were delighted to host an Appreciation Luncheon to thank the volunteer attorneys and Hamilton County Juvenile Court staff for their work at the Juvenile Custody and Companionship Clinic,” stated Anne Lucas, Managing Attorney of the Volunteer Lawyers Project. Since the Clinic’s inception in September 2017, volunteer attorneys have offered brief, on-the-spot legal advice and guidance to 541 individuals. John M. Williams, Administrative Judge at Juvenile Court, who partnered with Legal Aid and the Hamilton County Law Library to create the Clinic, reiterated his support and hopes to expand its availability to people in need of the services offered.

Anne Lucas concluded, “The Clinic has quickly become a meaningful resource for the community and we’d like to be able to assist even more people in year two. We’re recruiting for additional attorneys to staff the Clinic.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation

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