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Magistrate Liz Igoe presents at the 2019 VLP and CBA CLE.

Volunteers May Receive CLE Credit for Pro Bono Work

Attorneys may receive 1 hour of CLE for every 6 hours of pro bono legal service they perform, up to a maximum of 6 CLE hours in a biennial compliance period.

Attorneys are responsible for requesting CLE credit from VLP.

VLP is responsible for submitting the attorney’s CLE credits to the Ohio Supreme Court CLE Commission.

For CLE purposes, “pro bono” means legal service provided by an attorney to a client of limited means, when that client’s case has been assigned by an organization recognized by the CLE Commission. VLP is recognized by the Commission.

Requesting Pro Bono CLE Credit

To receive CLE Credit for time spent on one or more VLP cases, please:

  1. submit a record of your time to VLP
  2. complete Part I of Form 23, available here.

VLP will complete Part II of Form 23, calculate the number of CLE Credit hours to which you are entitled, and submit to the CLE Commission.

NOTE: You cannot receive CLE credit for a “reduced fee” case. 

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