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Support the VLP’s Work Responding to COVID

Nov 9, 2020

As the pandemic continues to create job and income losses, more families in our community are at risk of eviction and requesting assistance from the VLP. 
“Maria Adams” is one. When COVID struck, she lost her job. Without income, Maria fell behind on her rent and her landlord filed for eviction. Suddenly, she was at risk of losing her apartment and becoming homeless in the midst of the pandemic.
Then the VLP stepped in. We asked Ted Martin, a private attorney who volunteers for the VLP, to take the case pro bono. He represented Maria in eviction court, helped her apply for rental assistance, and negotiated with her landlord to accept it. Thanks to Ted’s efforts, Maria was able to remain in her apartment.
As the VLP assists more clients, the costs to do so also increase. We ask for your financial support to sustain our capacity to respond.to the ongoing COVID crisis. Please contribute today. 

Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation

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