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Celebrate Pro Bono Week

Oct 21, 2019

Celebrate National Pro Bono Week – October 20-26!
“In my short time at the VLP, I know two things to be true,” stated Elizabeth Zak, VLP Managing Attorney. “1) Low-income families better manage the stresses of poverty when an attorney is at their side, and (2) an attorney’s time and expertise is immensely valuable. That’s why your pro bono legal services are such a generous and meaningful gift!”
You can make a difference during the 2019 National Pro Bono Week by answering the VLP’s call for volunteers! We need attorneys both for full representation of individual clients, and for brief advice sessions at our clinics.
You can inquire about training in a specific area of law or to sign-up for a specific clinic by contacting Elizabeth Zak at ezak@lascinti.org.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation

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