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Catherine Evans honored as 2016 Butler County Volunteer Lawyer of the Year!

Congratulations to Catherine Evans! She was honored by the Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation as the 2016 Butler County Volunteer Lawyer of the Year! Anne Lucas, managing attorney of the VLP presented the award to Cathi at the Butler County Bar Association Law Day celebration on May 1. Cathi, a partner at Millikin & Fitton, has a strong history of participating as a VLP attorney. She’s taken three pro bono cases every year on average . In addition to helping VLP clients for nearly 20 years, Cathi‘s been a VLPF board member since 2003, serving as the President in 2014-2016.

Cathi shared her thoughts about the work she has done through the VLP. “Almost all of the people I’ve worked with have been terminally ill single parents. They’re looking for a little comfort that someone they trust will handle any decisions in their last illness. Many have no family to name, so are hoping to lean on friends, neighbors and church members. Assisting VLP clients has been my way of taking a tiny bite of the elephant, so to speak, and hopefully has given some comfort to people over the years.”

Cathi has demonstrated a sustained commitment to both serving clients and to providing organizational leadership to the VLP. We are pleased to name her as our Butler County Lawyer of the Year!

Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor Foundation

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