Unemployment Compensation Benefits Obtained

Volunteer attorney Nancy Brewer had a great outcome in a recent Unemployment Compensation case.  Ms. A had worked at a local Health Center from 1998 to 2012.  In October2012, she was terminated for alleged unethical conduct for “mishandling” money. The amount of money at issue was $10.00, and Ms. A. came upon it while opening mail.  The money was included in envelopes addressed to physicians no longer affiliated with the Clinic, who were being asked to participate in a survey.  Ms. A did not immediately report the money to her supervisor, but put it in her cash drawer that she used to make change for the clients.  She told her supervisor about the money soon thereafter, and asked if she could use it to buy Halloween candy for the children who came to the Health Center.  Ms. A. was terminated from her job of 15 years, even though there was no allegation that she had stolen any money or that she had violated any company policy.  Ms. A filed for Unemployment Compensation benefits and lost twice.


After a brief telephone hearing, and with Nancy’s valuable assistance, Ms. A was awarded the benefits to which she was entitled.

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