A Mortgage Crisis, A Personal Crisis, A Success

But it was her home. Not just a place that she and her husband lived with their 4 kids. Not just a place where the child she was carrying would soon begin his life. It was where she had grown up. It felt like home because it had always been home. You see, after her Mom and Dad had sold it to her and her husband on a land contract, she had finally gotten together the money to get real financing and pay them off. Now the home was really hers.

Then her husband got word that he was certain to be laid off and he took a job making less money. His new job cut back his hours. Her check was steady, but not enough. The winter heating bills soared and there just wasn’t enough to pay the mortgage. Would they take partial payments, … just until summer? No. Then the papers came. Any help on line? No. Maybe the Court would understand? An extension granted. A little more time. Later… she could pay it all. She had the money. Not good enough. Attorney fees, costs…too much! The newspaper announced the Court’s “mortgage crisis program.” A call to the Volunteer Lawyers Project. A lawyer, free! A mediation. A plan. An entry with teeth for both sides. Successful compliance. A dismissal. Another chance. It’s still her home!

What a rewarding experience to be able to make a difference in the lives of hard working people, who have found themselves in a desperate situation. I am not a real estate attorney. I have never been involved in a foreclosure action. I represent people who have been seriously injured or killed. I can read a contract, negotiate an entry, and give practical advice. I was able to make a difference for some people who deserved a second chance. I like making a difference.

Donald C. Moore, Jr., Esq. The Moore Law Firm

Volunteer Lawyers for the Poor
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Cincinnati accident attorney Donald C. Moore, Jr., has over 30 years of experience handling personal injury claims on behalf of accident victims and their loved ones. Don is experienced in representing clients in all types of personal injury claims, including product liability cases, serious automobile accidents, medical malpractice, industrial accidents and trucking accidents. Don practices law with his son Daniel N. Moore. Don is a 1976 graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Following his college graduation, Don attended the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at the Northern Kentucky University, where he received his Juris Doctor in 1979.
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